THE NEW FACE OF THE EARTH by Anaya Kunt (Mon, 23 Feb 2015)Brasilia, DF, Brasil the new face of the earth the true face of the earth in every face I feel you! Behind every face I meet you, and I see again the face of angels, the face of Gaya. The new face of earth Naked from the old host, Peace is the Face in Harmony! the face experiences the love! the birds already asleep, and at the dawn of the morning , one Bird awakens another day with an infinite love kiss in each bloom mouth. the garden of life with both stream running background, will bloom their petals , in lilac , green and yellow., the lilies and roses because they are so stylish sing right heart an enchanted pine , rest your love in protecting its shadow. I feel you as always and all the time, beloved Earth , Your face is my Body and your love my home ! Peace in the infinite consciousness and eternal gratitude being here in the new Face of Earth!

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