Anaya is a timeless composer and vocalist devoted to elevating the human spirit through music, to fulfill a collective yearning shared by humanity for harmony, unity and balance. Anaya’s desire to learn the universal language of music emerged when she was 4 years old reared by a rich culture driven by music and the arts. Her musical journey began on guitar and piano, which led to many years of dedication to composing and producing her own albums. Music is the heart of Brazil and has been the foundation for Brazilian culture enriching all festivities, religious ceremonies and simple daily life. As an accomplished composer, performer and producer, Anaya passionately expresses her spirituality and the influence of her Brazilian roots through music, art, and poetry. Her style truly captures the soothing, inspiring and energizing essence of Brazilian music, which delivers a stellar synthesis of genres such as new age, electronic and melodic trance. Anaya is a multi-talented professional with a Post Doctorate degree in leadership and a Phd in Information Technologies. She has a very unique international resume, which includes traveling the world as a performer of Brazilian pop music and working for the University of Brazilia and the United Nations as an Information System Specialist. Anaya weaves her expertise in computer science with a deep understanding of universal spirituality to create a union between technology and the senses, which becomes the heart of her work. “Our best instrument is the universal harmony of being.” ~ Anaya





Artist named As Anaya


1998 Caminhos (AnayaMusic)

2000 Qualidade de Vida-(AnayaMusic com música Overspace e Selfmusic Compilação com vários artistas pela Digerati editora)  

2001 Harmonia e relaxamento  (AnayaMusic com musicas Overspace, Peace e SelfMusic compilação com Vários artistas pela Digerati editora)

2001 Space380 Compilation (AnayaMusic with song Overpop-9, and various artists)

2002 Relax  (AnayaMusic)  

2003 Relax II  (AnayaMusic)

2003 InConcert  (AnayaMusic) 2003 Anaya (AnayaMusic)

2003 SongBook I (AnayaMusic)  

2004 Unplugged  (AnayaMusic)

2004 Skies  (AnayaMusic)

2004 K.A. M. (AnayaMusic with song Life Water and various artists by Kid Antrim Music)  

2005 Requiem  (AnayaMusic)

2005 Overpop  (AnayaMusic)  

2007 Laman  (AnayaMusic)

2007 Self Music  (AnayaMusic)

2007 Anaya (AnayaMusic)

2009 Coletânea CCB (AnayaMusic com  música Som Alma e vários artistas pela Dallas Music)  

2017 Zen meditation(AnayaMusic  with song 4D and various artists compilation by GBMusic)  

2018 Before I Sleep ( AnayaMusic  with song Overspace III and various artists compilation by Relaxingmusic)  

2019 A moment of relaxation (AnayaMusic with songs Overspace Mov II, Angeluz Mov IV, Love”s River and Requiem and various artists compilation by Make Best Music)

2019 Easy morning and easy music caresses (AnayaMusic with song Somewhere and various artists compilation by Machiavelli Records)      



Artist named As Anaya Music  


2001 Digital audio/video - (AnayaMusic-Compilação vários artistas com Digerati editora)  

2009 Angeluz  (AnayaMusic)

2009 SongBook II (AnayaMusic)  

2011 Cosmic Light  (AnayaMusic)

2011 SongBook III (AnayaMusic)  

2012 Overspace  (AnayaMusic)

2012 Love symphony  (AnayaMusic)  

2013 Aligned in the Universe (AnayaMusic)

2013 Skywalker in the universe (single, AnayaMusic)  

2014 Devotion (AnayaMusic)

2014 Compilation Sounds from the Circle VI  (Only New Age Music) participation with the song Tedeum  (AnayaMusic)  

2015 Fifth Essence (AnayaMusic)

2015 compilation Sounds from the Circle VII and VIII (Only New Age Music)

  2016 Eternity (AnayaMusic)  

2016 Auravox vol. 1 ( AnayaMusic  with songs Dharma and Gaia by OrchestraNet)

2017 Compilation Sounds from the Circle IX (Only New Age Music)  

2018 AONKI, Gateway of Love (AnayaMusic)  

2018 Loving you (single,AnayaMusic)

2018  compilation X Sounds from the Circle (Only New Age Music) with song "Breath"

2018 Luminous (single, AnayaMusic)  

2019 Isalc”Li:a Love Odyssey (AnayaMusic)

2019 4D Eternity (AnayaMusic)

2019 Compilation XI Sounds from the circle (Only New Age music)

2019 The Album (Participant in collection of various artists of the New Age Music Planet

2019 Ethereal Love (single,AnayaMusic)

2019 Loving You (single, AnayaMusic)

2019 Compassion and Love (single, AnayaMusic)

2019 MotherShip with Paul Landry  (Single, AnayaMusic)    

2020 Beyond Earth  (AnayaMusic)

2020 Forever (single, AnayaMusic)  

2020 Prayers for Peace (AnayaMusic and Cindy Paulos)

2020 Secrets (AnayaMusic)

2020 Poemas (AnayaMusic)

2020  Compilation XII Sounds from the circle (Only New Age Music)


2020 Universe (Single,AnayaMusic)


2020 Cosmic Light (AnayaMusic)

2020 Zenezy (AnayaMusic)

2020 Twilight (Single,AnayaMusic)

2021 Rising Sun

2021 Overpop2021

2021 Selfmusic 

2021 Love (Anaya Music)