Laman song

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Álbum AONKI, a gateway of love now available in

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new álbum AONKI, a gateway of love.



A blissful journey through poetic soundscapes, "Dharma" paves a peaceful path to "Eternity"; Anaya Music manifests her childhood dream to play alongside a symphony orchestra. AMAZON

A fifth Essence

The album "A fifth Essence" expresses the journey of Anaya In Love being Aligned with new vibrations and dimensions across the Aonki love gate, like a Mountain to be reached Somewhere for The new Journey with Alethea, the supreme through of Light.

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Devotion is an album newage dedicated to the holy life in the Universe. A musical way of saying thanks to the Cosmos. Enhance mind quietness and calmness for meditation. 
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Music for relaxation, meditation, and sleeping time. This music will give you mind quietness and peace. Hope you enjoy and relax. buy this CD  in Amazon.    


new Album with relaxation, meditation music to improve calmness and quietness. This music has been created to help you developing inner peace, calmness and quietness. Dreaming, relaxation and mood newage music for your soul. dedicated to Angels and God for the Enlightment of our beloved Earth.Be activelly calm and calmlly active. Buy in Amazon.


A symphony in 13 movements in newage style for meditation to enjoy your journey with inner peace. Purchase your Cd in Amazon.


This Album is a special collection of dreammy and relaxing songs in newage style (instrumental and voices) from other Cds of Anaya musical work. buy this CD at Amazon.


Requiem is the album with newage music, Anaya voices done with hi-tech and chorus. Orquestral arrangements for you to relax. buy this Cd at Amazon.