“Bliss” is about humanization, compassion and love that starts within yourself, and when this is achieved, you live in the divine Blessing of the universe and leave the Matrix.

Krishna consciousness coming out of the matrix is ​​full liberation.

The fast-paced world of wars and people drowning in the waters of desires and emotions must now cease.

A new beam of solar photons shines on all this and Arjuna returns to Krishna's side. People are transformed, humanized and the sea of ​​wars is also transformed.

Cities renewed by love, by compassion bring much peace and all beings with their translucent bodies in the evolution of crystalline DNA, the GNA and crystalline consciousness enter in abundance, Bliss and happiness reigns.

Humans and other races begin to live together as benevolent beings of love.

Compassion and transcendence are more than desirable qualities for human evolution.

Most do not look or notice the other. Can't see the other.

And in order for there to be compassion and generosity, most end up being blind to themselves, society and their own evolution.

And the only thing you take away from here is the love you feel and the awareness of the light you have developed and achieved.

We are infinite and eternal consciousness - always shining.



Album “Bliss”, musical composition by TaniaMara Botelho (AnayaMusic). Arrangements and production by AnayaMusic.

Recorded in Studio1234 and Anaya HomeStudio

Sound Design in Immersion 360o by Anaya Music and Pedro Tavares.
The video “Bliss” was produced, and edited by Anaya Music and Marcio Alves and directed by Anaya Kunst.

All music performed and produced by Anaya Music

℗ © 2023 Tania Mara Botelho

©️ 2023 AnayaMusic (ASCAP)

Immersed in the Vortex of Love within the 5th dimension. Experience the spiritual journey through my latest video, "The Vortex," crafted with sound designer Jeff Silverman (who also mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos) and blessed by my dedicated team. May you find divine inspiration.

Both ancient tradition and science tell us that sometimes, in certain places, these magnetic forces converge. Many call these places on Earth energy vortices. These locations have a concentrated and elevated level of spiritual or metaphysical energy due to their geology or history.

This vortex has 7 levels of evolution for the people who live there and who enter deeper levels of Existence.

Being in the vortex it is possible to travel through time and parallel worlds.

In this vortex there is constant access and coexistence with beings of high vibration and Good that come from other galaxies such as the Pleiadians and Arcturians.

The earth is being healed by these Beings and Happiness becomes the greater consciousness that manifests itself from infinity and springs up in earthly beings as well.

Earth is now part of the most evolved galaxies in the universe.

We listen to music to feel human. It is what gives us charm and fascination to raise the vibratory frequency of our subtle bodies.

2023 / Tanya Mara Bothelo

46 minutes

Review by Kathy Parsons Award-winning composer, musician and filmmaker (among many other things!) Anaya Music returns with Quietness, a mostly electronic instrumental album (with wordless vocals) that was created "to enhance deep and inner peace and quietness." Also known as Anaya Kunst and by her given name, Tania Mara Guedes Botelho, the Brazilian artist has been creating beautiful music to promote peace, wellness, love, and inner calm for more than twenty years. With impressive careers in both academia and the arts, Anaya brings a wealth of experience to her music. Created to soothe and uplift the spirit as well as to bring inner peace, Anaya's music is more ambient than melodic and features a wide variety of musical instruments including strings, keyboards, piano, ethereal vocals and more.

The thirteen pieces on Quietness were inspired by sunset footage by AnayaMusic. Quoting the artist herself: "The heart of the Earth opens, we find the water and the sun radiating, giving us deep peace....From its sovereign position, source of all light and heat, gently touching like a brush on the calm waters of this inspiring landscape that pacifies the mind and soul. A celebration of light, the heat of the sun and the freshness of the water that generates life and gives us profound Peace."

Quietness begins with "Home Calmness," setting the tone of peace and warmth that runs through the entire album. "Balancing" has a gentle flow that invites us to take some deep breaths and let go of the stresses of everyday life. "Sacred Flames" further enhances the peaceful, soulful nature of the album. "Gardening" isn't a title you see for many pieces of music, but that's where I, too, often find myself in my "happy place" when the sun is shining and flowers are blooming. The sound of birds in addition to the musical instruments makes the musical experience even more vibrant and alive. "Angels" also includes nature sounds woven in and out of the instruments (mostly piano and strings) and angelic voices. This one is so soothing and calming that it would be great to listen to while falling asleep. "At Night" expresses the blissful calm of a night when everything feels right with the world. Ahhhhhhh.... "Calmness" has a similar effect, smoothing the rough edges of a hard day or week or year. Strings and ethereal voices float in and around gentle synth washes of muted tonal colors. The closing track, "Sword," is quite different from the other pieces on the album with its distinctive Latin rhythms in places. Much of the piece is very ambient, but the more dramatic guitar and percussion passages add a really interesting contrast to the rest of the music and provide an element of surprise.

Longtime fans of Anaya Music will find much to love in Quietness. If you are new to her music, this is a great place to start! The album is available to download and/or stream from sites such as Amazon, AppleMusic/iTunes and Spotify. Check it out if you could use a bit of Quietness in your life!

March 17, 2023