Anaya and her dream

ANAYA MUSIC FULFILLS A LIFELONG DREAM FOLLOWING A PATH TO ETERNITY VIA HER NEW SINGLE “DHARMA” Dharma, the first single from AnayaMusic's upcoming album Eternity The Renowned New Age/Relaxation/Meditation Composer/Producer Creates A Blissful Journey Through Poetic Soundscapes Recording With Symphony In Prague Our best instrument is the universal harmony of being.— Anaya STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2016 / In a late 2015 interview Anaya Music gave to Michael Diamond of Music & Media Focus about her most recent full length album, Fifth Essence, the world-renowned New Age composer/producer said, “My path is to touch people’s soul through music as I connect with my own inner being.” With her highly anticipated new track “Dharma,” released April 15, she creates a blissful journey through poetic soundscapes, paving a peaceful path to her upcoming Eternity album while manifesting her childhood dream to play alongside a symphony orchestra. She recorded the sweeping, inspiring track, and the other pieces on Eternity, virtually with a symphony in Prague. Expounding on the titles of the single and album, Anaya says, “Dharma is my path to Eternity. It is a dream that came through to play with a live symphony orchestra! I feel fulfilled by the universe’s joyfulness of love and realization. It is the sound of my deepest music! When I first listened to the ‘Dharma’ arrangement, the melody stayed echoing inside of me for days...that is why I chose it to be the single for this new album." “I make music to fulfill a collective yearning shared by humanity for harmony, unity and balance,” she adds. “It has been an amazing journey of transcendence with and through musical arts. The magic of music and the profound feelings of love are a divine instrument of perfection to give re-birth to our soul. Music is the sound of Light.” Over the course of her career, which includes the recent album Fifth Essence, Devotion (2014) and Aligned in the Universe (2013), the Brazilian-born-and-raised Anaya has passionately expressed her spirituality and the influence of her cultural roots through music, art and poetry. Her unique style captures the soothing, inspiring and energizing essence of Brazilian music, delivering a dynamic synthesis of new age, electronic and melodic trance influences and textures. Her expansive vision is also reflected in her many YouTube videos (see "Fifth Essence" video herein). Finding the perfect phrases to capture the divinely-inspired power of Fifth Essence, Michael Diamond wrote, “I would encourage the listener to not only listen ‘to’ the music, but to listen ‘into’ the music…to feel the vibration of Anaya’s intention for healing and spiritual attunement. It is not an album created for entertainment, but is more of a vehicle for meditation and inner awareness.” Anaya began creating her spirit/mind/heart based masterworks for the purpose of relaxation and meditation, emerging as a timeless composer devoted to elevating the human spirit through music. “Dharma” and the other original compositions she is creating for Eternity continue in this inviting, transcendent tradition. The complete AnayaMusic catalog is available at both online music stores and in select retail stores; please see links below. Media interview and music review requests are welcome via Beth Ann Hilton at The B Company; the new single, "Dharma" plus Fifth Essence, Devotion, and Aligned in the Universe are available as a complete review package for a limited time, upon request. “Our best instrument is the universal harmony of being.” ~ Anaya Links: Official Website - Facebook - Twitter - @anayamusic YouTube - Music Blog - CDBaby - ITunes - ANAYA MUSIC – ABOUT THE ARTIST Anaya is a timeless composer and vocalist devoted to elevating the human spirit through music, to fulfill a collective yearning shared by humanity for harmony, unity and balance. Anaya’s desire to learn the universal language of music emerged when she was 4 years old reared by a rich culture driven by music and the arts. Her musical journey began on guitar and piano, which led to many years of dedication to composing and producing her own albums. Anaya is a multi-talented professional with a Post Doctorate degree in leadership and a Phd in Information Technologies. She has a very unique international resume, which includes traveling the world as a performer of Brazilian pop music and working for the University of Brazil and the United Nations as an Information System Specialist. Anaya weaves her expertise in computer science with a deep understanding of universal spirituality to create a union between technology and the senses, which becomes the heart of her work. Visit Beth Ann Hilton The B Company 3105608390

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